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Best Summer Ever

In-Person Astronaut Academy Sessions All Summer

June / July / August 2021

Check Out NASA'S NEXT GEN STEM Activities!


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Parent Testimonials


"I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing with the kids . Lucas looks forward so much to the daily lessons . He loves you and space and the interaction has been so good for him ."


"Lucia received her book she was so excited couldn't even wait to get in the house, opened it right at the mailbox! Thank you for all the hard work you put into these classes and the support that you provide to all of the kids."

"Just wanted to thank you for what you do for these children. Jesse's homeroom teacher called to check in and he told her all about you and the academy...  Again Thank you. You have given him something to look forward to every day!"


"What you are doing and providing for these kiddos is unparalleled in generosity and engagement.  Jack is a really tough kiddo to engage and he is SO excited for your class each and every day.  He even sets an alarm to make sure he has breakfast and isn't late."

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Janet Ivey-Duensing

CEO and Creator of Janet’s Planet

Janet is a 1989 graduate of Belmont University, Bachelor of Commercial Music and Minor in Theatre and is now a Master’s Candidate for STEAM education at University of San Diego (expected completion December 2018.) 

Janet Ivey  is a tireless advocate for children and has mentored countless young people all over the world. Janet’s mission has and always will be to enrich the lives of children via art and science, multi-media education and intelligent, informative  AWE  infused programming that focuses on space exploration and planetary science. 

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